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Type in Hebrew easily with our free virtual Hebrew keyboard online!


Type in Hebrew online with our free virtual Hebrew keyboard!
The Hebrew keyboard layout is in order of the Aleph Bet to make typing easy!
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Frequently asked questions about typing in Hebrew
1. What is a Hebrew Keyboard?

A Hebrew keyboard (in Hebrew, מקלדת עברית) is a computer keyboard with hebrew letters on it, enabling you to type easily in Hebrew. Very often, a Hebrew keyboard will also have English letters on the keys as well.

2. How do I type in Hebrew?

Typing in hebrew usually requires having a Hebrew keyboard, however HebrewKeyboard.org allows you to type in Hebrew online without one, by simply clicking your mouse. You can then copy and paste the Hebrew keyboard text into the application of your choice.

3. Where can I get Hebrew keyboard stickers?

Hebrew keyboard stickers can be found online on Amazon. They usually cost just a few dollars, and make your Hebrew typing much easier!

4. What is a Virtual Hebrew Keyboard?

A virtual Hebrew keyboard is the opposite of a physical Hebrew keyboard. Most traditional keyboards plug in to your computer via USB or connect wirelessly via Bluetooth or a 2.4GHz connection, while a virtual keyboard lives on your screen. Instead of pressing physical buttons on a keyboard, all you have to do with a Hebrew virtual keyboard is click or tap on the keys.

5. Where can I get free Hebrew fonts online?

If you’re typing on a Hebrew keyboard, chances are you’ll need some Hebrew fonts. There are many online resources to download free Hebrew fonts, but here are our favorites:

6. How can I use a Hebrew keyboard on an iPhone?

On your iPhone, Open Settings, Click on Keyboard, Click on International Keyboards, Add New Keyboard. Then select Hebrew. Now when you want to type in Hebrew, tap the globe icon on your keyboard to switch to Hebrew. When you want to go back to English, tap the globe icon again.

7. How can I use a Hebrew keyboard on an Android phone?

To type in Hebrew on an Android phone or tablet, on your Android phone or tablet, open the Settings app. Tap System and then Languages & input. Under “Keyboards,” tap Virtual keyboard. Tap Gboard and then Languages. Select Hebrew from the list. Turn on the layout you want to use. Tap Done.
When you want to type in Hebrew, tap the globe icon on your keyboard.

8. Where can I buy a Hebrew keyboard online?

If you type in Hebrew a lot, and want a dedicated Hebrew keyboard, you can buy one online over here.

9. How do you say Hebrew Keyboard in Hebrew?

If you are typing on a Hebrew keyboard, you should probably know how to say Hebrew Keyboard in Hebrew! Hebrew Keyboard in Hebrew is “Mikledet B’Ivrit” or מקלדת בעברית .

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